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Au Gourmet Grec



Founded in 2005, the “Gourmet Grec” is located in the Bonnevoie district of Luxembourg city. It’s the first-ever Greek deli – grocery store of the Grand Duchy, with a complete product range and it specializes in selling Greek organic and conventional foods, wines and spirits. With respect to the philosophy of its founders, the “Gourmet Grec” tries to show that Greek gastronomy has a lot more to offer than just the gyros, the retsina wine and the moussaka. For this reason, its range is constantly enriched mainly with products coming from small producers in order to guarantee the best possible quality for its customers . Visit us for a culinary trip in the Greek Mediterranean way of eating!

Giorgos Gryllos

Driven by the passion for good food and the love for our homeland, we created this store more than 15 years ago. We hope that we managed to make it a culinary gateway that connects the Grand-Duchy with Greece.


Greek traditional products in Luxembourg.

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