Greek dessert

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  • Gemista Papadopoulou
    Biscotello sandwich biscuits (200g) – Papadopoulos
  • Bougatsa sweet pie (800g) – Alfa Pastry
  • Caprice wafer rolls
    Caprice chocolate wafer rolls (400g) – Papadopoulos
  • Classic Halva
    Classic Halva (450g) – Halvas Drapetsonas
  • Halvas with Almonds
    Halva with Almonds (450g) – Halvas Drapetsonas
  • Halva with Cocoa
    Halva with Cocoa (450g) – Halvas Drapetsonas
  • Halva with Pistachio
    Halva with Pistachio (450g) – Halvas Drapetsonas
  • Handmade Tahini Pies
    Handmade Tahini Pies – Theorima
  • Feuilleté à la crème
    Marianna’s organic Vanilla Cream Pie (600g) – Marianna’s Pies
  • Miranda Papadopoulou
    Miranda biscuits (250g) – Papadopoulos
  • Terkenlis-Chocolate "carioca" bites
    Mixed wrapped chocolate “carioca” bites (400g) – Terkenlis
  • Rose petals preserve-Ergon
    Rose petals preserve in syrup (350g) – Ergon
  • Samos wine choco truffles
    Samos wine choco truffles – Theorima
  • Sesame Bites
    Sesame bites (80g) – Halvas Drapetsonas
  • Sour cherry preserve-Ergon
    Sour cherry preserve in syrup (350g) – Ergon

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Greek traditional products in Luxembourg.

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